Equality, diversity and inclusion

物理与天文学院致力于创造一个包容的环境,支持平等和多样性. The School aims to achieve fair and equal representation for all, 使所有教职员和学生都能贡献自己的力量,充分发挥他们的潜能. All staff operate under the University's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

The School is against any kind of discrimination and harassment on any basis, including but not limited to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. 要了解更多黄金城官网欺凌或骚扰的内容,请参阅 University's advice and support web page.

如果你需要报告或与某人谈论有关平等和多样性的问题, please get in touch with either the School's Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion or the Head of School. These are the current members of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

The Report and Support tool is available to report any concerns you have related to wellbeing, bullying, discrimination, abuse, assault or harassment of any sort. You can report anonymously or using your contact details. If you provide your contact details, a member of staff will be able to contact you to help provide support. This tool can be used by students, members of staff, members of the public or visitors to the University.

The Mediation Service is available to students, staff and members of the public, experiencing disagreement or conflict, 谁更愿意用一种不那么正式的方式来讨论与大学相关的分歧和不满. The service is also available for groups or teams. 

调解员是黄金城官网大学的工作人员,他们接受了苏格兰调解认证的正式调解培训. Several Post Graduate students have also qualified in Mediation. Mediators act impartially and separately from University Schools and Services. 他们唯一感兴趣的是帮助那些从事这项服务的人达成一个双方都能接受的解决方案.

调解是一种保密、非正式、自愿、自主和无偏见的过程. 如果你或你认识的人处于分歧的早期阶段或陷入僵局, please contact mediation@cleanroomelectronics.com for an informal chat about how the mediators can help.

In 2017, 以表彰学院对促进女性科学事业的承诺, 学校被物理研究所授予朱诺冠军称号,并被授予雅典娜天鹅银奖.

物理与天文学院决心营造一个包容的环境,促进平等和重视多样性. The School has published a Code of Conduct (PDF) .

如果你在学校的生活方面有任何问题,黄金城最新娱乐网站鼓励任何人来和委员会成员交谈, University or academia more broadly. However, you may also use this form to provide anonymous feedback or complaints. The form is submitted directly to the School Director of E&D by email. 在必要和适当的情况下将与校长分享细节, selected members of the E&D committee, Human Resources or Student Services. 请注意,对于严重投诉,即使是匿名投诉,学校也会尽力处理.